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Basin Mobile Massage offers a wide range of mobile massage services to choose from.  Simply choose your preferred massage treatment, call or email us for an appointment, and a mobile massage therapist will come to you, bringing all the necessary equipment.






Sometimes called Swedish massage.This involves long, gentle, smooth strokes with just the right amount of pressure. This relieves muscular tension, improves range of movement and increases circulation Clients report feelings of relaxation and reduced pain and stress.


This involves the use of pure essential oils such as lavender, rose, tea tree etc. added to the basic massage oil. The use of such oils dates back thousands of years and the effects on mind and body are varied. Available on request, examples include the scents of lavender and geranium for relaxation, bergamot, for cheer and uplifting the emotions, and rosemary for a brisk energizer before activity.

Deep Tissue

This massage deals with tight muscles which are causing pain and tiredness. Some aspects of relaxation massage are included but it is generally brisker than relaxation massage and some more specialized techniques are involved to release muscle tissue.  It usually involves concentrating on a specific area such as lower back or neck and shoulders.


This combines techniques from relaxation and deep tissue along with additional procedures to manipulate the soft tissue in specific areas such as the neck or shoulders. Muscle lengthening and stretching exercises are typically used. The aim is to reduce pain and increase range of movement. Remedial massage involves clinical history taking and diagnostic techniques.


Massage is considered safe during all 3 trimesters of pregnancy, however we do advise that you check with your doctor prior to booking a massage service.  Massage can be very effective in relieving aches and pains common during pregnancy.


This may be a quick ‘energiser’ before a game or a long, slow, soothing massage after competition to reduce pain and maintain joint flexibility.

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